Ravichandran Ashwin Says, Awarding For The Wicket

Ravichandran Ashwin “The Bravery Award For Bowlers Running-Out Non-Strikers Who Back Up Too Far”

Ashwin that the ICC establish a courage award for bowlers who run out batsmen at the non-end due to the shame associated with the dismissal. striker’s

At the non-end striker’s of the third and final one-day international between India and England, Deepti Sharma controversially ran Charlie Dean out. as the ball was about to be thrown, she was backing too far ahead. wicketkeeper and batter Sam Billings. was one of the first cricketers from England to tweet their displeasure after the game. It is impossible for anyone who has played the game to believe that this is appropriate. Not, however, cricket.

In a subsequent tweet, he added, “Not even glanced at the other end in delivery stride.” The pitcher from England, James Anderson, replied, “Right on. No interest in bowling the ball.

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Billings continued his joke, telling Anderson, “Imagine how many more wickets you could get.”

But Ravichandran Ashwin chimed in on Sunday, saying that the removal carries a lot of shame and that the International Cricket Council (ICC) should establish a bravery award for bowlers who run out batsmen at the non-end striker’s.

“I think that’s a really great idea. Consider awarding the wicket to the bowler who showed “presence of mind” while under tremendous pressure, but be mindful of the potential backlash from society. @ICC, how about a commendation for courage to go along with it? Tweeted by Ashwin

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Because she was backing up excessively before the ball was released from the hand, Deepti ran out Dean in the 44th over. India won the game by 16 runs as a consequence. Since this type of dismissal has always provoked a variety of opposing perspectives, it is not surprising that some of the England cricketers were in the mood to accept this wicket.

It is important to keep in mind that the ICC earlier this month announced some changes to the playing field.

By moving the “running out of the non-striker” approach from the “Unfair Play” section to the “Run out” section, the ICC stated that the “Playing Conditions follow the Laws.”

Dean, the last wicket to fall for England, went away from the Indian players after shaking their hands in tears.

As England sought 170 runs, the score was 65/7 when she entered the game. Additionally, she and the captain Amy Jones combined for 38 runs. Even after Jones was substituted and after Kate Cross lost to Jhulan Goswami, Dean kept competing. She maintained England’s prospects despite her retirement.

Deepti’s run-out, however, helped India to win the series and give Jhulan Goswami a victorious final match.

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