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Ravi Shastri : “You Cannot Have 10 to 12 Teams Playing”

According to former Team India head coach Ravi Shastri. The format cannot be played by 10–12 teams if one wants to see Test cricket flourish.

This week, England Test captain Ben Stokes announced his retirement from one-day internationals. Since then, there has been discussion about the cricket schedule and how players can choose alternative forms to reduce stress on their bodies. Ravi Shastri, a former head coach of Team India. So has now proposed a drastic reform, claiming that Test cricket should only be played by the top six teams and that white-ball cricket may be used to introduce the game to new nations.

“Test cricket cannot continue with 10, 12, or more teams competing. Keep the top six, appreciate quality over quantity, and continue to play cricket at a high level. So the only way to create a window for additional cricket games is to do that. If you want to spread the game, expand teams in T20 or one-day cricket. But in Test cricket, you will need to reduce the teams. At that point, it won’t matter if England doesn’t travel to the West Indies or if the West Indies don’t visit England “Shastri stated on Friday on Sky Sports.

“They participate if they are in the top six, and they do not participate if they are not. You must make the top-six teams, whether you are representing India, Australia, or England if you want to continue playing Test matches. Use the white ball and, preferably, T20 cricket to popularize the game. Ultimately, it will follow the football model, with the World Cup serving as the major event and other competition coming from various leagues throughout the world “Added he.

Shastri provided the following explanation when asked why he made the suggestion: “What is a Test match? You are put to the test, therefore you better be good. So who will watch it if it is of poor quality? If you invite nations that have never played Test cricket and tell them to visit England or India under bowler-friendly conditions. Such as turners or seaming conditions, the game will last two or three days, depending on the number of teams involved.”

He said, “You have taken money from the broadcasters for five days; they will be dissatisfied, and the fans will be unhappy.

Stokes stated that playing all three formats of the game has become untenable for him while announcing his intention to withdraw from ODIs.

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