MCC announces change in Cricket Code of Laws effective from 1 October 2022

MCC – Marylebone Cricket Club announced new codes laws which will be effective from October 1.  International Cricket Council – ICC and the respective National Cricket Association decides whether they want to enforce the suggestions made by MCC.

Below are the laws changes by MCC

Law 1- Replacement of players

The new clause 1.3 has been introduced for replacement players. According to the law, replacements are to be treated the same as per the player they replace, regardless of any sanctions & dismissals replaced player has done in the match.

Law 18- Batters returning when caught

The new law 18.11 states that when a batsman is caught out, the new batter shall be in the strike facing the next ball unless it’s an end of over. Old rule will be dismissed where a new batter was allowed to be at non striker’s end if the batters crossed over before completion of the catch.

Law Signaling Dead ball

The law for dead ball ball states if any side is harmed by any person, animal or object on the match field, it would be declared as dead ball.

Law 21.4- Bowler throwing towards striker’s end before delivery

If a bowler throws towards the stump at striker’s end in an attempt to run out the batsman, the ball will be signaled a dead ball.

Law 22.1 – Wide Judge

According to this law wide ball will now apply to where striker stood at the point when the bowler begins the run up.

Law 25.8 – Striker’s right to play the ball

The law states if the ball falls of the pitch, it allows batsman to play the ball, as long 

Law 27.4 and 28.6 – Unfair Movement of the Fielding side

Any unfair movement by fielder will add 5 runs to the batting team. Earlier any unfair movement was declared dead ball by the umpire.

Law 38.3- Running out the batter at the non striker’s end

Mankading the most controversial runout will now be considered as fair play runout. The bowler can run out the batsmen at the non striker ends.

Law 41.3:  Ban on use of saliva on cricket ball

The new Laws will not allow the use of saliva on the ball.

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