IPl 2022

IPL 2022 matches format

IPL 2022 matches format has changed this year after the inclusion of 2 new teams.

Each team is going to play same number of games i.e 14 matches per season. The number of games hasn’t increased even after the inclusion of 2 new teams which make the schedule interesting.

Over the years in IPL, each team would play 2 matches against each other but for the current year the team is divided into 2 groups, Group A & Group B.


IPL 2022 matches format are divided into rows & columns of group A & B are done as per IPL titles and number of Finals.

In Group A, MI has won 5 titles placed first in the goup. Similarly CSK has won 4 titles & are placed first in group 2. The chain continues as per the title won, new teams are divided in the bottom of each group.

Each team would play 2 matches from their same group making it 8 matches. The remaining 6 matches are played against the 5 teams in other group. A double match is played between the team equivalent to the other group.

For Eg. MI will play two matches against CSK which is equivalent team in group B and one match against 4 teams in the group.

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