ICC : Jay Shah and Sourav Ganguly eye for ICC executive

The ICC has chosen to advance more umpires and it has conceived an organization. Where there will be one on-field neutral umpire, one neutral third umpire, and one neutral third umpire in Test matches.

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ICC had expanded the quantity of DRS audits to three from two after the pandemic hit.

MCC regulation might be affective from October

(MCC) which has abrogated the word ‘Mankading’ and has called running out a non-striker upholding as a run out alongside new player taking strike after got excusal should go through the ICC cricket advisory group.

Focus in on BCCI as ICC executive completions term in Oct

Everyone’s eyes will be on Indian cricket board (BCCI) when ICC executive Greg Barclay finishes his term in October. BCCI office-conveyors, including president Sourav Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah will likewise finish their three-year terms in October this year.

Since indicated by sources, BCCI is running after focusing in on a possibility to challenge the decisions in October. Both Ganguly and Shah are viewed as a reasonable possibility for the ICC post to extend their BCCI expression past October.

Ramiz Raja 4-nation tournament dismissed by ICC

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) executive Ramiz Raja’s concept of a four-nation competition dismissed consistently by the International Cricket Committee (ICC) board on Sunday.

Since bunches of good conversations around the thought introduced by Raja. There was an affirmation according to a cricketing viewpoint. Be that as it may, essentially it doesn’t work. There’s no space. Also, other non-included individuals weren’t content with the idea of giving and taking ICC occasions.

U-19 Women Women’s World Cup Debut

South Africa is confirmed as the host of the debut ICC U19 Women’s T20 World Cup 2023. Organized in January one year from now as a 16-group and 41-match occasion. The competition at first got ready for 2021. Bangladesh was the leader to have it.

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