I was worried about Sourav Ganguly.

Had My Concerns Regarding Sourav Ganguly,” Saqlain Mushtaq said, surprised by the India captain.

Former spinner and current Pakistani head coach Saqlain Mushtaq narrated a fascinating meeting with Sourav Ganguly, a former captain of India and the BCCI.

While the cricket rivalry between India and Pakistan has inspired many folktales, the two countries’ athletic traditions are also rich in tales of friendship. Cricket players from both countries have discussed what it was like to receive support from the other country. Thus, Sourav Ganguly, a former captain of India and the present BCCI president, was the subject of one such tale told by Saqlain Mushtaq, the head coach of Pakistan and a former spinner.

“I had some misgivings about Sourav Ganguly before we ever spoke. There are some people, then, with whom you don’t want to interact or have a conversation. He was certainly a legend and the captain of India. But if we did get in touch, it was always with simply a “hey” and “hi.” “He chatted with SportsKeeda. He seems to think highly of himself. So I never talked to him.

“Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly were on that trip following my knee surgery in 2003–2004. Sachin just sustained an elbow injury. I was taking part in a friendly match against India. So I had to play county for Sussex in my first game after recuperation, Saqlain continued, just as the cricket season got underway.

Two coffee mugs were handed by Sourav Ganguly. The roofs of the two restrooms were attached. There wasn’t much of a wall there, so you could either jump over it or come from behind. He ran over to me, two coffee mugs in hand, leaping and greeting me. I was surprised and wondered why he was in this location. When he arrived, he brought me coffee. We talked for around 30 minutes. I felt ashamed of my assumption that he thought highly of himself. He pointed me in the right direction and asked about my knee.

On October 23, Pakistan will serve as the host nation for the 2022 T20 World Cup, under Mushtaq’s leadership.

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