How to Play Monopoly Game on Satbet

Here is a general guide on how to play a wheel-based Monopoly game:

Setup Monopoly Game:

Each player selects a token or character to represent them on the game board.

The game may provide each player with a starting amount of money.

Wheel Board:

The wheel board consists of different sections or segments, each representing a property, action, or event.

Each section may have different values, prizes, or actions associated with it.

Spinning the Wheel:

Players take turns spinning the wheel to determine their actions or outcomes.

The wheel may have various sections, such as property names, money amounts, special actions, or other game-related elements.

Actions and Outcomes of Monopoly:

Depending on the section the wheel lands on, players will perform specific actions or experience certain outcomes.

This may include purchasing properties, paying rent, earning money, receiving cards, triggering events, or engaging in mini-games or bonus rounds.

Property Ownership and Rent:

If a player lands on a property section and has the option to purchase it, they may do so using the provided mechanics.

Other players who land on owned properties may need to pay rent to the owner, based on the property’s value and any improvements made.

Chance or Community Chest of Monopoly:

The wheel board may include sections dedicated to Chance or Community Chest cards.

When a player lands on these sections, they draw a card and follow the instructions provided, which can result in various actions or outcomes.

Bankruptcy and Winning Monopoly:

The game continues until there is only one player remaining who hasn’t gone bankrupt.

Bankruptcy occurs when a player runs out of money and assets.

The last player standing, who has not gone bankrupt, is typically declared the winner.


Please note that the specific rules, mechanics, and features of the Monopoly game on Satbet may differ. It’s essential to refer to the game’s instructions, rules, or help section provided by Satbet for accurate information on how to play their specific wheel-based Monopoly game.

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