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Glenn McGrath said, “Got To Keep Making ODIs Interesting,”

The excellent fast bowler from Australia Glenn McGrath is passionate about the 50-over format, but he is not hesitant to admit that it confronts significant challenges.

Even though renowned Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath still enjoys the 50-over format, he isn’t hesitant to admit that it faces significant challenges in the face of the growing popularity of T20 cricket. Despite being a conservative by nature, the “Director of Coaching” at the MRF Pace Foundation views Test cricket as the “ultimate test” of a cricketer.

I think of myself as traditionalist. Both my ODI and Test games were enjoyable. Test cricket is still the best in my opinion. In an interview, McGrath expressed his hope that it would be safeguarded and held in high regard.

The ODIs are still exciting as long as they are scoring runs. The future of ODIs will be interesting to see. The ODIs must keep being entertaining. They encounter a few challenges, he continued.

McGrath won’t be surprised if a lot of young players start gravitating toward T20 Internationals due to workload worries.

“I would like to think so. Teams are virtually becoming more specialized because they now have separate T20 and ODI teams. The money is in Twenty20 cricket, it’s true. To be honest, a lot of players will look for T20 opportunities, particularly young players. After 10 years of running the MRF program, McGrath said he enjoyed his work and was pleased with the players that went on to represent India, such as Prasidh Krishna and Avesh Khan.

Ten years have passed, and the last two have been quite shaky (laughs). It has been fantastic. It was entertaining. Our goal was to continue the work of Dennis (Lillee).

“I think the news is good. He behaves with class. You wish for him to succeed. You therefore want the seasoned players to win. So you might remember Shubman Gill’s recent success in the West Indies, where he scored brilliantly. The batsmen are doing their jobs in the West Indies. McGrath stated that “cricket is very much a confidence sport” in response to Hardik Pandya’s miraculous recovery from an injury and superb all-around performance. Hardik is a capable, confident player. If his bowling is efficient, his hitting will benefit.

He performs two roles. He is therefore at ease. So he is an expert bowler as well as a powerful batter. He’s got a good plan in place.

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