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Betfair Sites was started by a group of betting enthusiasts who wanted to help other Indian players get started with online gambling. We give our readers the tools and the information that they need to start a profitable betting adventure in India. Do you want to start gambling? We are here to help. We share our knowledge of the growing Indian gambling market with you, in order to give you the best possible chances of making a profit. Our goal is to make you a successful gambler, to ensure that you make money, and have fun in the meantime!

Meet the team

Japesh Girdhari

Hello readers. I am Japesh, the editor of Betfairsites.com. I live in beautiful Chennai with my sister and my parents. My favorite hobbies are sports and betting. I spend most of my time betting on cricket and rugby. I love sports betting because it is a game of skill: the more you know, the better your chances of success. Our goal here on betfairsites.com is to help you learn more about sports betting so you can improve your chances of success. I hope you will join us on this exciting journey!

Joginder Sinha

Writer, Betting Expert, Basket Ball Lover
Hello readers, I am Joginder Sinha, one of the writers of betfairsites.com I am a Computer Engineer by degree and a passionate writer by choice and profession. Speaking of passion, the concept of passive income has always fascinated me. This knack for using one’s skill instead of relentless labor for earning the big bucks landed me at betting websites. I am also an entrepreneur. When I’m not busy making deals and writing, I like to indulge myself in reading and playing badminton. My goals are to keep sharpening my skills and grow consistently. And of course, if you ask me my long term dream is becoming a billionaire before I turn 30!

Ishani Grover

Writer & Cricket Fanatic
Hailing from the beautiful state of Uttarakhand, Ishani Grover is an engineer by profession and a writer by choice. Needless to say, she is a big fan of cricket. She loves Virat Kohli just as much as she loves M.S. Dhoni, that’s right! Apart from her undying love for cricket, her guilty pleasures are reading, writing, traveling and good music. A huge fan of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, she hopes to get her own book published some day.

How do we rank betting sites?

Betfairsites.com search the internet for the best gambling sites for Indian players. Betfairsites.com review and rank these sites in terms of how good they are at serving Indian players. Every time we check out a new gambling site, we ask ourselves: How good is this site for Indian players? Do they accept deposits in rupees? Do they offer betting on popular Indian sports such as cricket, horse racing, and kabaddi? They offer customer support in Hindi? These are some of the parameters that we consider when we evaluate a betting site.

Our business model

Running a website like betfairsites.com costs money. We need to pay for writers and advertisement space on other websites. We spend a lot of time and energy keeping the reviews and the content on this site up to date so that you can always find the most relevant information about betting in India. Fortunately, It makes some of that money back when you use betfairsites.com. Whenever you sign up and create an account with one of the betting sites here on the Betfair India site by using our affiliate link, we make a small commission. This helps keep our site running and ensures that we can always provide the most relevant information to our readers. We thank you for your support. N.B: We do not recommend any betting sites here on the Exchange market that we don’t fully endorse. You can be sure that the betting sites found here are the best betting sites for Indian players.

Ready to get started?

Now that you know what Betfairsites.com is all about, we invite you to get started on your gambling adventure. You can use this website to browse through the many different gambling sites, and see what games, functions and bonuses they offer, before you make your decision. Remember, That will be with you every step of the way, and we highly encourage you to contact us using the contact form, if you have any questions or concerns.