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Young Indian pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar said

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, a seasoned pacer, believes that Arshdeep Singh’s knowledge of what to bowl at different stages is the best component of his game.

Young India spinner Arshdeep Singh displayed incredible resiliency after being hit for a couple of boundaries by opening batter Kyle Mayers in the first T20I of the five-match series against West Indies. Mayers was dismissed by the left-arm seamer, who later in the game added another wicket to end with a total of 2-24. Prior to the second T20I, veteran pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar held a virtual press conference and lauded Arshdeep.

“Arshdeep has a strategy when he bowlers, and he is aware of the fields he wants to employ for certain batters. This trait is really unusual in someone so young. He has been consistent and is unambiguous about his objectives. His perspective on the game is what Bhuvneshwar found to be the most admirable feature of it.

Regarding his bowling and performances this year, Bhuvneshwar said in response to a question, “Sincerity be truthful, I haven’t changed a thing about my bowling; all I had to do was bowl more. More bowling boosts your confidence and aids in regaining your rhythm. Bowling advantages from maintaining your fitness. I haven’t made any particular changes. I always seized the opportunity.

In the first T20I, Suryakumar Yadav and Rohit Sharma opened the batting. He said of the action, “I honestly have no idea. However, I can confirm that it wasn’t a spontaneous action; rather, there was thought behind it. Undoubtedly, they desire to gain something from it.

The seamer remarked that bowlers have to broaden their arsenal in order to surprise batters because the game has changed drastically since his debut.

Since my debut, there have been numerous changes. 300 was hardly a par score when I initially started, especially in ODIs. However, a par score right now is 300. Every T20I team is aware that 180-190 is a reachable objective. This is a significant development, therefore. Bowlers and hitters will continue to alter as the game goes on, Bhuvneshwar stated.

“Changes have taken place. One of the variations I’ve learned is how to bowl the knuckle ball, which I learned a couple of years ago. We used to expect batsmen to take their time, but now days they attack the bowlers right away. Each bowler has unique variations, he added.

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