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Watch Hasan Ali tries to gesture at umpire

Watch Pakistani Pacer Hasan Ali tries to gesture at the umpire after being denied a wicket during an intrasquad game.

During an intra-squad match, Hasan Ali’s humorous response to a rejected LBW appeal was priceless.

On the pitch, Hasan Ali is a fun guy to watch. It’s impressive to watch the premier pacer for the Pakistan cricket team celebrate after getting a wicket. His funny response to a rejected appeal is currently in the news. At the Pindi Stadium, Hasan Ali unsuccessfully protested an LBW ruling against a rival batter during an intra-squad game. Then, when the umpire approaches, Hasan Ali can be seen advancing with his hand raised and attempting to point. It was a fun moment that made everyone in the room smile.

Hasan Ali Attempts To Raise Umpire’s Finger in the Video


Pakistan will visit Sri Lanka for a Test series beginning next month after the intra-squad game.

Meanwhile, Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, continues to lead the T20I rankings according to the ICC, breaking another record held by Virat Kohli, the previous captain of India.

Babar has now held the top spot in the T20I rankings for the longest time, breaking Kohli’s previous mark of 1013 days.

The Pakistani captain is currently ranked as the No. 1 batter in T20Is and ODIs, and he recently expressed a desire to compete for the top spot in all three game types, according to the ICC.

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