Twitter staff have been told to work 84-hour weeks

According to reports, Twitter employees have been pushed to work 84-hour weeks and bosses have slept at the office over the weekend in order to meet Elon Musk’s strict deadlines.


Twitter employees have been working far longer hours than usual since Elon Musk came on board, according to CNBC. This comes as employees face the prospect of layoffs as part of the internet mogul’s planned makeover of the company.

Twitter administrators have forced certain employees to work 12-hour shifts seven days a week – 84 hours a week — to meet Elon Musk’s targets, according to CNBC, citing internal correspondence.

Musk’s $44 billion purchase of the social networking platform was completed on Thursday evening, but concerns about layoffs at the company had been percolating for some time. It is unclear how many employees will be laid off and when, as well as which teams would be the most impacted.

Since Friday, employees have been assigned duties, which some regard as a test by Musk’s team to evaluate who works hard.

Insider has revealed that Elon Musk’s team handed some of Twitter’s engineers weekend coding tasks known as sprints. Other responsibilities include making significant improvements to Twitter’s verification process.

According to an internal communication sent to Twitter personnel working on adjustments to the company’s authentication procedure, “the expectation is basically to work 24/7 to get this out.”

According to CNBC, employees have not been told whether they will receive overtime pay, time off in lieu, or job security for working on the tasks.

Staff is concerned that if they do not complete their tasks by the early November deadlines, their careers at Twitter may be over, according to CNBC.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s managers have been ordered to conduct performance assessments and submit Musk’s team lists of which staff should be retained, according to sources familiar with the negotiations.

However, the managers are feeling the pressure as well, with several telling The New York Times that they slept in Twitter’s headquarters on Friday and Saturday nights.

Twitter’s top executives were summoned to meetings with Musk and his team last week at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, where they were asked to detail their division’s work, according to two sources who attended the talks.

Some Twitter executives told the publication that they believed they were being evaluated.

According to the Washington Post, Musk’s team wants to fire off roughly a quarter of Twitter’s workforce in the initial round of layoffs, citing a person familiar with negotiations that took place at Twitter HQ last week.

Twitter did not react promptly to Insider’s request for comment on working hours, employees sleeping at work, and layoffs.

According to a Monday SEC filing, Musk abolished Twitter’s board of directors, consolidating his position as the company’s sole director.

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