Shahid Afridi On Pakistan’s Unfavorable Batter

Out-of-Favour Pakistani Batter Shahid Afridi: “Targeted Because of Me”

The bulk of Shehzad’s cricket matches were captained by Pakistan, and Afridi thinks that this is why the batter was singled out.

Out-of-favour Pakistani batter Ahmed Shehzad aspires to return to the national team. Shehzad, who last represented Pakistan in 2019, was cut from the team due to a batting slump. It was followed by a prolonged illness that prevented him from competing in the match. However, the 30-year-old has openly attributed his failure to management and his previous coaches. Shehzad recently made an appearance on Pakistan’s Samaa TV, where the former captain Shahid Afridi also took part in the conversation.

The majority of Shehzad’s cricket matches were played under Afridi’s leadership, and he feels that because of him, the batter was targeted for attack.

Ahmed was attacked because of me because I provided him so much support. I gave him a lot of chances, but after I left my post as captain, everything went south for him. He might have been perceived as being close to me. Because Pakistan didn’t have an opener of his caliber, I offered him a lot of assistance. He was performing as well. Of course, he couldn’t participate in every game. However, he was also singled out as a result of me, Afridi said during a debate on Samaa TV.

Shehzad, who was shocked by Afridi’s comments, retorted, “Shahid, pay attention. I don’t understand why you said it. Since you are my older brother, you are free to say whatever you want to me. You have always been like my older brother, even though it sometimes hurts.”

Afridi interrupted him by suggesting that he should score runs and have fun, to which Shehzad replied that he should at least be given opportunities to play.

“I want you to be successful and enjoy yourself with your wife and kids. You live a wonderful life because of Allah. I keep saying it, “Afridi added.

“Since I want to score runs, please don’t take away my scoring platforms, at the very least. When PSL sides want to take me, I want to know who steps in and says “no.” Please direct me to the scoring area. within my home? Shehzad replied.

Notably, Shehzad recently represented Central Punjab in the Pakistan Cup, scoring 456 runs—an average of 456—in 11 games.

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