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Rohit Sharma takes the field in White-Ball Cricket’s return of the multi-team series.

Rohit Sharma takes the field in White-Ball Cricket’s return to the multi-team series.

So On Sunday in Manchester, the Indian squad, which is captained by Rohit Sharma, will play England in the third and final ODI.

The cricket schedule has gotten busier in recent years, with teams frequently playing one day apart or sometimes on consecutive days. The final two T20 Internationals in the series between England and India would serve as a recent example. The resumption of triangular or quadrangular series would allow all sides to receive more rest days and, as a result, play with more fervor when they do have matches, according to India captain Rohit Sharma.

“Although I believe it to be important, there is no doubt that it can be managed better. Additionally, the scheduling must be done with enough breathing room. You must participate in bilateral series “When questioned if bilateral series are becoming less important given the emergence of more T20 leagues globally and an increasingly packed calendar, Rohit Sharma responded in the negative.

“When we were young and I was an adult, I used to watch a lot of triangular or quadrangular shows, but that has now completely ended. That, in my opinion, can be a route to go in order to provide a team adequate time to rest and return “said he.

Every time you represent your nation. You want to perform with a lot of intensity, he said. “These are all high-pressure games that we play.”

You don’t want to compromise on that, therefore I do realize when we play the bilateral series. The timing and the amount of time between each game can be managed a little bit better, not only from India’s perspective but from all boards as well, Rohit added.

“If that occurs, you will observe the best players showing up and representing each game. So when playing consecutive games, you must take care of the players and comprehend the workload “Added he.

So the India captain said, “Honestly, the outside world wants to see all the top players participating. And if those things are managed relatively properly, the quality of cricket will not be affected.

The first two games of a three-match ODI series between India and England are now tied at 1-1.

The championship game will take place on Sunday at Manchester’s Old Trafford.

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