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Parupalli Kashyap On Saina Nehwal CWG

The Indian badminton team for the 2019 Commonwealth Games won’t include Saina Nehwal.

One of the most well-known badminton athletes in the nation is Saina Nehwal. 2010 and 2018 saw her win two gold medals at the Commonwealth Games. The great shuttler won’t be competing in the Commonwealth Games this time around, though. So the Indian women’s badminton team for the Commonwealth Games in 2022 does not include her. Parupalli Kashyap, Saina’s husband and the 2014 CWG goal medalist, has now spoken out about her rejection.

“It has to do with how much contempt is shown to a player. It has to do with how you are treated by your own people. She cries frequently, and every other day when she speaks, the topic of non-selection comes up in conversation. Even practicing is incredibly difficult because you are mentally unsure of whether you are preparing to attack your own people or other people. In these situations, your goals for the game go completely awry, and it’s a dreadful mental state, Kashyap told the Indian Express.

“It’s erroneous to assume that just because she doesn’t talk much that she’s conceited. She simply keeps to herself. She was undoubtedly motivated by what happened, yet this circumstance was unnecessary. They ought to have offered her at least the courtesy of a conversation. I can respect your desire to be strict, but having a casual conversation is not a free pass. You may have spoken to her in a chat and given her a warning. Her messages received no responses. It’s really painful,” he continued.

Ashwini Ponnappa, Gayatri Gopichand, Treesa Jolly, PV Sindhu, and Aakarshi Kashyap make up India’s five-person women’s team at the CWG.


Additionally, Kashyap discussed how BAI and Saina were silent and how talking might have improved the situation.

So there was no exchange of words from BAI expressing what they were thinking or what they wanted to do. At the All England Open, she was not seen by a coach, and her performance was not evaluated. By not having faith in our player, we have given up on a medal that was a lock, added Kashyap.

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