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Glenn McGrath on Break of Virat Kohli

Former Australia fast bowler Glenn McGrath had a rambunctious conversation in which he discussed a variety of topics, including Umran Malik’s pace, India’s forthcoming Test match against England, Virat Kohli’s form, and more.

One of the greatest bowlers to ever play the sport, Glenn McGrath continues to mentor aspiring Indian fast bowlers even after his retirement as an Australian pacer. Director of the MRF Pace Foundation McGrath is around the nation to mentor his wards. McGrath had a rambunctious phone conversation during which he discussed Umran Malik’s pace, Virat Kohli’s current form, and India’s upcoming trip to England, which will include one Test, three ODIs, and three T20Is.

There were requests for Virat Kohli to rest during IPL 2022.

Glenn McGrath on Kholi’s break

McGrath thinks Kohli will benefit greatly from taking this break right away because the batsman is familiar with his game and understands what to do to regain his best form.

“Cricket is essentially a sport of confidence, and Virat is essentially a confident player. When he is in form, he scores runs after runs, but when things aren’t going well, it can be difficult to watch. He knows himself, has considerable experience and is adept at his craft. He will benefit greatly from that respite. I am interested to watch how he recovers because the World Cup is quickly approaching and I believe India will need the seasoned players to help the team stay on course “said McGrath

When referencing Umran Malik, Glenn McGrath said: “Yes, bowling at an accelerated pace is a very special experience. And it is quite unique. If you can maintain control and consistency while bowling at such an incredibly fast tempo, you become a very dangerous bowler. Getting that experience is all that matters; once you reach the top, you must work even harder. Who knows where he can go as long as he has a strong work ethic and strives to get better.”

For him, there is yet time (Umran playing Tests). In first-class cricket, you must also go out and put in the work. Everyone gets thrilled when you bowl at an accelerated tempo, which is understandable. But being with the team is definitely something special. I haven’t spent any time with him, so I can’t speak to his personality or organizational style.

“I got lucky because I just had to play six games for New South Wales before I was given the opportunity to play in a Test match. It all boils down to mentality; if you’re bowling that quickly, you need to take care of yourself and be in shape. You must be physically fit bowl continuously; yes, a lot will depend on him, his work ethic, and his method of operation. It appears as though he can have a successful career if he can adjust to playing at a higher level and enjoy it. But I’m confident he will succeed as long as they are properly managed and not elevated to the top.”

The 52-year-old responded, “I think it is up to him,”. When asked if Hardik Pandya should have a say in how often he should be used as a bowler. He has enough experience now, and I believe he would get along well with the captain and the coaches. He has the experience and is aware of what needs to be done. There is no denying that he is a top-notch all-around player. He also has a strong hitting style. He knows what he needs to accomplish and can bowl the ball rather quickly. Just get out there, start bowling consistently and confidently, and move forward from there. He will have a legitimate voice in what he does.

India will need to be at the top of their game to defeat the “Three Lions” in the UK, according to McGrath, who has 563 wickets in Test matches. He also discussed the kind of cricket England is currently playing in Test matches.

“When you travel to another country and only get to play that one exhibition game before the Test match, it is always difficult. With Brendon McCullum and Ben Stokes as their captain, England has recently been playing some excellent cricket. They are also playing a more aggressive style of the game. They are playing brave, confident cricket by going out there and supporting themselves. In other words, when they are playing well, they will be a difficult team to beat, thus I believe India will need to play well to compete with England in England “McGrath remarked.

Finally, McGrath said the following regarding the current fast-bowling culture in India: “Yes, I believe that having fast bowlers and express fast bowlers is a must for every captain. Since the surfaces were a little slow back then, I believe Indians were recognized for turning wickets. The pitches have gotten a little bit quicker, so I believe it is a mix of a few factors. You need a strong fast-bowling attack if you want to be the best team in the world. They are doing that now that they are aware of it. The men there realized a long time ago that the MRF pace foundation developed and produced quick bowlers.”

“So, judging by the current Indian bowling team, they are reliable, have some excellent fast bowlers, and some young bowlers who are emerging. With the quality of quicks, it is currently in a very good state. The pitches have improved for fast bowlers, and I believe more people are paying attention to fast bowlers now that they have realized how important they are. It is encouraging to see fast bowlers getting a chance today because historically it had just been spinners and batters. I’m really happy for them.

For me, the most important thing is that 19 of our boys (bowlers from the MRF Pace Foundation). Both current and former, are participating in the IPL and most of them are performing extremely well. We’re here to help the lads get better and understand their sport. We aspire to see them perform well when they are given the opportunity to do so during the IPL. Therefore, I’m really, really proud,” he concluded.

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